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Question - Are Rama and Ramayana historical?

Answer - Rama and Ramayana are historical. In the annals of ancient Indian literature, Ramayana has been termed itihasa. The word itihasa may be split as iti+ha+asa, meaning, “it thus happened”.

Out of all the ancient Indian literature, including the Veda, the Purana, the Shastra, Kavya and many such others, there are only 2 works whichare termed as itihasa, they being Valmiki’s Ramayana and Vyasa’s Mahabharatha.

Valmiki’s Ramayana is a work that narrates the story of the life of Rama, who was one of the noblest of men and a righteous king of the kingdom of Ayodhya, in ancient India. It is a biography that showcases and highlights the attributes of the noblest king of Valmiki’s times and of all times.

Question - When was Rama born?

Answer - Rama was born on 10th Jan, 5114 BCE, 12.30 pm
Question - How do we calculate Rama’s birth date?

Answer - The subject Archaeo-Astronomy deals with a new way of utilizing science to study the archaic. This is a technique of charting the future or past sky using a scientific tool. This tool helps to arrive at planetary positions given a date in future or past and vice-versa i.e., given a set of planetary configurations, the tool can help identify the date in future when the planetary configuration could occur or identify the date in the past, when the planetary configuration could have occurred. Such tools are collectively called Planetarium software.
Question - If Rama was born in January, why do we celebrate Ramanavami in March-April?

Answer - The reason for this is the concept of precision of equinox where 1 day is to be adjusted for every 72 years. Thus over a 7200 year period, it works to around 100 days between January 10th and April 15th.
Question - Did Rama walk this earth only 7000 years ago and not in Treta Yuga?

Answer - Let us now look at what the word Yuga means. The word Yuga is etymologically similar to the word Yoga. Both the word Yoga and Yuga mean “to join” and come from the root Yug or Jug. The English words yoke, join, have all come from the same etymological root. Yoga is the union of body and mind. Yuga is the alignment or conjunction in the sky, of the various stellar and planetary bodies. So Yuga is not a particular time span that runs into lakhs of years but a generic term for the measure of time period between different alignments.
Question - Did Mandodari Marry Vibhishana?

Answer - Mandodari did not marry Vibhishana. After the death of Ravana, she went into mourning and oblivion. Mandodari was no ordinary lady. She was the daughter of the renowned Mayasura, the great architect, mathematician, astronomer and skilled engineer. Mandodari was such an illustrious woman that she figures as one of the 5, in India’s Panchakanya list of “all time great” women.