Historical Krishna

Krishna is one of the most endearing hero and divinity of the Hindus and India.
His historicity had never been in doubt over the past 5000 years.
In the last couple of 100 years some European scholars used so called scientific methods of their days and reduced Krishna to a mythical figure. Using present day scientific methods we can once again establish his historicity.

Towards this effort a 4 pronged approach has been used.

  1. Literary
  2. Geographical, Ecological
  3. Archaeology
  4. Astronomy

  1. Literary sources used
    1. Mahabharatha
    1. Harivamsa
    2. Vishnu Purana
    3. Bhagavata Purana
    4. Buddhist Text - Sutra Pitaka
    5. Greek records
    6. Pura Naanooru - Tamil text
  1. Geographical, Ecological
    1. Tsunami destruction of Dwaraka, correlate with Biblical floods and Gilgamesh period flood.
    2. Sea level rise factor
    3. Desiccation of Saraswati river civilization


  1. Archaeologicalevidences of submerged city off the coastline of present day Dwaraka. The archaeological spread and their construction tallies with the literary information mentioned of the plan layout of Dwaraka city.


  1. Astronomy
    1. Modern planetarium software has eased the dating of events of the past. This field called archaeo-astronomy can help us find the dates of past events based on the recordings of the actual astronomical observations made then.

There are over 150 astronomical observations during Krishna's period in the Mahabharata.

    1. Dating of then pole star Alpha Draconis - Thuban - Dhruvan
    2. Maha Sivarathirioccurs on winter solstice day during Mahabharatha period.

With this 4 pronged approach the events in the lifetime of Krishna can be dated in fairly precise terms to 3112 B C E.


27th July 3112 BCE

Krishna Birth

26th September 3067 BCE

Krishna departure to Hastinapura

28th September 3067 BCE

Krishna dootha

8th October 3067 BCE

Krishna - Karna chariot ride

1st November 3067 BCE

Balarama pilgrimage start

22nd November 3067 BCE

Kurukshetra war begins

8th December 3067 BCE

Ghatotkacha killed

12th December 3067 BCE

Balarama pilgrimage concludes

13th February 3031 BCE

Krishna's departure

November 3031 BCE

Yadava Civil war