You Turn India Promo Interview for Chennai Online
Release of You Turn India at
Odyssey, Chennai

"It's excellent. It's an excellent fast read and very evidence based with visuals.
Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.
Shall do justice to it in my own way. Keep serving.

    - Dr. Kiran Bedi, retired Indian Police Service officer
Well laid out and amply illustrated, the book will be of interest to any avid and passionate reader who is concerned about the huge ethical deficit seen in the conduct of Thos in Public life.
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    - R Devarajan, published in The Hindu
"An eye opener! Couldn't put it down. Actionable and Inspirational. Must read for Today's youth. There is hope for a better India!"

    - Anamik
I went through the book on my flight on Sunday. I enjoyed the range, diversity, and depth of the coverage. I also liked the combination of tradition with modernity and innovation in many fields. Enormous work has gone into research and supporting illustrations. I enjoyed the book.

With Best Wishes 

    - T. S. R. Subramanian