Understanding Shiva

Shiva has many forms, many faces and many names. Who is Shiva?

This book is an effort at unraveling the layers of meaning of Shiva from a scientific and universal perspective.

It brings to light how Shiva is not a historical person but is the very essence of every particle in this Universe.

How Shiva is a Tattva, an underlying principle, that exists not only from the moment of Creation, but holds sway even before the creation of the Universe, when time stands still - the primordial force, potential, auspiciousness that exists in every component of the Universe, at every instant.

That is the real understanding of Shiva that this book brings forth and then goes on to explain how to understand each form of Shiva.

Released by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, 14th February 2010, Bangalore

Understanding Shiva

"Read the book on Shiva.  You have cited many positive parallels in science.  You have also refuted some misconceptions.  Well done."

    - Dr. Mrityunjay B Athreya, Economist, Management Consultant
"His explanations of Hindu puranas and iconography is likely the most understandable I've come across. It's not an easy task to relate this stuff to modern Western sensibilities, but he does a commendable job. Easily recommended if one wants a solid perspective on Shiva and Shakti."

    - Sharpie Twin
"This short book explains & inspires! I loved learning how the ancient symbols & traditions correlate with modern physics. I highly recommend it & look forward to more in the series."

    - Pam Brockman
This is the best way to learn about shiva and the reason behind all aspect of Shiva; simply the best

    - Ranjit Rajah
I just finished reading your book titled "UNDERSTANDING SHIVA".Thanks a million for sparing your valuable time & energy in compiling various facts related to Lord Shiva & enlightining ignorant people like us. 

This book will throw light to many sadaks who are embarking on their spiritual journey.

    - Santhosh Kumar