The world in the process of evolution goes through different era.
Between the years 1850 and 1950 – mainly Europe and America progressed through the Industrialization era.
The years 1940 to 1980 saw the advent of transportation era.
1980 – 2000 can be termed as the computer era.
2000 - 2020 is being viewed at as the communication era.
2020 onwards is said to be the dawn of the knowledge era.

The power of the world will tilt towards those who know how to handle the knowledge base effectively.

Man’s understanding of the forces of nature and its utilization is the knowledge base of that civilisation.
The Veda’s of India are the knowledge base of one such civilization which probably flourished more than 5000 years ago.
If India is to be a super power as dreamt by our President Dr. A PJ Abdul Kalam, we should not only develop our knowledge along with the current scientific methods of the western world but also go back to our roots and look at the unique knowledge base that has been the repository in India. Utilization of this knowledge in the present day context with their modern and scientifically applicable meaning would give us the edge in the rays to being a knowledge super power of this world.
This capsule looks at how we can converge the past with the present for the future in a focused manner so that India once again becomes the knowledge super power of the world which it was for more than 5000 years prior to 1000 C E.