Exploring Hinduism - The Overview

For Teens and Parents

Dr. D.K.Hari and Dr. D.K.Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan will be conducting a summer course - "Exploring Hinduism - For Teens and Parents",   under the aegis of the Hindu University of America, for those living outside India (esp North America and suitable Time Zones). This course, open to both teenagers and parents, together or separately, will focus on exploring the spirit of Hinduism and intends to stimulate meaningful conversation about Hinduism between teenagers and their parents. 
Who is a Hindu? Why are they called a Hindu? Who started the Hindu "religion"? When did it start? What makes Hindus different? Is being a Hindu relevant in today's world? 
Answers to such questions and more await you in “Exploring Hinduism” which will be a series of courses to explore the facets of one of world’s most ancient traditions. 
The first in this series of courses is “Exploring Hinduism - The Overview,” to see the world from a Hindu perspective and experience how different it is, from what we think we know today ...