Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm of Mind

Starting soon - 9th Apr 2022 onwards in 2 batches - Weekly once, on weekends. Register quickly and grab the opportunity.

Dr. D.K.Hari and Dr. D.K.Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan conduct this course - "Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm Of Mind", under the aegis of the Hindu University of America.

This course is being offered in 2 concurrent batches - one as per US timings and one as per Australia and New Zealand timings, so that most across the globe will be able to find a time slot that suits their geographical location.

Hindu Contributions To The World can be listed from two mutually independent, but naturally supplementing perspectives.

  • Hindu Contributions To The World In The Realm of Matter, which explores the contributions of the Hindus to the world so as to have shaped the material progress of humanity.

  • Hindu Contributions To The World In The Realm Of Mind, which explores the contributions which have influenced Human thought, sciences, and spirituality through time.

Both these courses investigate the question -

“Are Hindu ideas obsolete? Or do they have contemporary relevance?”

Both these courses are open to all, from teens to grand parents, from students to professionals to academicians to homemakers to cultural enthusiasts as well as retirees.


The course, "Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm Of Mind" has been designed to be delivered in 2 independent parts -

Towards Sciences and Arts

This part will focus on concepts and practices from the Hindu Civilization which went on to influence and revolutionize the development of world thought as well as practice in the fields of Sciences and Arts.

Towards Living and Lifestyle

In this part, focus will be on how the Hindus have laid stress on balance and have provided thought leadership to the world and steered it, especially in the areas of how to lead a balanced life. How was this undermined and how can the leadership status be regained?

Why did everyone, seemingly the world over, seek out the Hindu civilization and for what?

Over these 2 parts of 10 sessions each, where each part spans a quarter, this course will explore Hindu thought at its finest and uncover the way it traveled and diffused into other world civilizations and cultures, throughout history, as it continues to do so today.

These courses on Contributions To The World In The Realm Of Mind, focus on a variety of areas of innovation, inventions, development ideas and thought, that characterized the Hindu civilization for millennia. These areas will include Health and Wellness, Ayurveda, Vaccines, ideas such as Yoga, Dharma, Karma, Dhyana, Ahimsa, Mathematics, Music, Epics, Fables and Stories, Arts, Education, Sports, Vegetarianism, Astronomy, Meridians, Time zones, Philosophy and Spirituality.

These set of Courses will explore how Hindu thought impacted the world, and how it morphed and adapted to different cultures and environments.

During these set of courses, students will acquire newfound confidence from the dawning of a recognition that the Hindu Civilization has been quite different from what our received knowledge has led us to believe and renew their trust in the Hindu worldview and way of life, that has been so sustainable and successful for so long.

Through these courses, the student will gain an opportunity for

  1. Learning the knowledge that the Hindus have shared with the world.
  2. Gaining a more wholistic perspective of world history and history of Sciences.
  3. Discovering how civilizations influence each other over time.
  4. Discerning the cohesiveness with which mind and matter have been integrated in Hindu thought.
  5. Discovering the Hindu ethos and perspective of approaching Science.
  6. Developing the confidence to further explore the knowledgebase and literature of the Hindus for inspiration and innovations.
Course Duration and Sessions
Sessions for each part will span 1 Quarter, with 1 online session per week. Each session will comprise of 100 minutes with live online lectures and interactions with the faculty and will include Quizzes and Assignments.

Each part is independent of the other and can be taken in any sequence.
Invite you to join this course to relish and imbibe the knowledge of the Hindu / Indian Civilization in Sciences and Arts.

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