Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm of Mind

Dr. D.K.Hari and Dr. D.K.Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan conduct this course - "Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm Of Mind", under the aegis of the Hindu University of America (HUA), for those living outside India (esp North America and suitable Time Zones).
This course explores the contributions of the Hindus to the world in the realm of mind, which have influenced Human thought, sciences, and spirituality through time.
It constitutes one part of two mutually independent, but naturally supplementing courses. The other course explores the Hindu contributions to the world in the realm of Matter, which have shaped the material progress of humanity.
This course, open to all, from students to professionals to academicians to homemakers to cultural enthusiasts as well as retirees, focusses on
  1. Learning the knowledge that the Hindus have shared with the world.
  2. Gaining a more wholistic perspective of world history and history of Sciences.
  3. Discovering how civilizations influence each other over time.
  4. Discerning the cohesiveness with which mind and matter have been integrated in Hindu thought.
  5. Gaining inspiration from the Hindu paradigms to innovate lateral and newer ways to approach lifestyle and issues of the modern world.
Announced for Spring 2021 - from 10th April 2021 to 27th June 2021, Saturday and Sunday mornings USA Time.