"An effort to understand the origins of this magnificent creation. An absolutely incredible journey to an event that no human or God has had the opportunity to see."

The urge to understand as to how this universe was created has been there for man from the very beginning. Modern science has been asking this question as to how this Universe was created and has tried to understand it in a scientific manner in the last couple of 100 years. Various civilizations world over have also asked this question and given answers in their own story form.

Exploration of Universe

The Indian scientific text the Veda and its other related texts like the Upanishad and other texts have not only asked this question about creation but have also given detailed and scientific answers to the same.
In this subject capsule we look at these questions and their answers as given in the Indian texts. It is indeed amazing to know that the understanding of creation is not mentioned in passing in the Indian texts, but is in fact, discussed in great detail.

Process of Creation

The concepts of creation are discussed in a whole range of texts.

From the above list we can see that the discussion on creation in India has not been a one off effort but has been discussed regularly and repeatedly over the millennia and over the centuries. Some of the concepts used to discuss this creation are

  • Nasadaya suktha,
  • Hiranya Garbha,
  • Indra-Vrtrafight ,
  • Padmanabhathe umbilical concept ,
  • Om,the primordial sound,
  • Lingam, the primivial column of flame,
  • Why lotus is used in the creation imagery,
  • Panchabutha,the 5 step of creation from the subtle to gross,
  • Narayana

All these concepts, which are expressions of different aspects of creation, are discussed here, from a scientific perspective.
This subject capsule brings clearly to our understanding that the questioning and awareness of how the creation took place is not a new phenomenon in modern science. The Indian  Rishi scientists have repeatedly asked this question and looked for credible answers over 5000 years back itself.
These questions and answers as found in the Indian texts can now be confidently looked at today, understood in modern scientific parlance and more importantly used in the latest scientific research to understand how creation took place.