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Autobiography of India

A monumental series comprising of many multi-volume titles and series on the Indian Civilization

Itihasa Series

Historical Rama

Historical Rama             

Ramayana has been an Indian legend and Rama, an Indian Hero
right from very early times.

Ramayana In Lanka               

This book traces Ramayana in Lanka to unravel the historicity of Rama and Ravana. This brings to light...

Ayodhya – War and Peace

The book "Ayodhya War and Peace", traces the history of Ayodhya, one of the oldest cities of the world.

Historical Krishna

Dating of Krishna

Is He historical, mythical or divine? Who really was Krishna?

How did He get His name?

When was He born?

Footprints of Krishna

He swings between Historicity and Divinity in people's minds. He has also been the subject of many mysteries and debates.  Is it possible for a historical personage to...

Facets of Krishna

While events connected with Krishna find a place in Geography, Krishna does not find a place in History. Historicity today demands evidence from archaeology.

Triple Eclipse 2009

(Presents an intriguing side to the phenomenon of 3 eclipses occurring back to back within a month in the decade between 2009 to 2019 as it did during Mahabharata era)

Brand Bharat Series

About how India was perceived by the world as a Brand for many things in the past and how it can position itself as a Brand in future too

Made in India

(Of Products made and traded from India to make India a brand)

Roots in India

(Of Concepts rooted in India and adopted world over to make India a brand)

Unique to India

(Of Signs that can still be seen in India , It was around 334 BCE Alexander the Great..)

Leads from India

(Of Influences that India had over the world, as a Giving Civilization.)

Future from India

(Of Expectations from India for the Future, as a Giving Civilization.)

Breaking The Myths Series

On the various myths that have also shrouded people’s perception of India and what the reality is.

About Identity

(A mirror only shows what “It” sees. A mirror flips the real. A crooked mirror even distorts. A mirror in the path also blocks the view ahead. )

About Society

(A book to delve into various aspects of Indian Society such as Gender Balance, Social Caste System, Education system, Religions of India)

About Prosperity

(A book to delve into the wealth generation practices of the land. How they were sustainable and how they gave  sustained prosperity to the civilization.)

About Ability

(A book to delve into resources of the land, skills of the civilization and how they were both put to use in a sustainable manner)

New India Series

You Turn India          

(On the secret behind the prosperity of India for millennia, in English and Hindi)

Knowing New India – A Transforming Story

(On the transformation in the style of Governance in India with a New India image.)

Beacon For New India – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

(On the leader who showed the path for this transformation of Governance in India).

Desh – Pradesh Series

Telugu Talli – Her Unknown Side

Facets of Telugu Culture and Prosperity

(in English and Telugu)

Connect Over Millennia Series

Indo-Japan A Connect Over Millennia

(On ties that these 2 ancient civilizations have shared across times besides the ideas and technologies shared - in English and Hindi )

Indo-Russia A Connect Over Millennia

(On the age old ties between these 2 ancient civilizations, how these ties  must have grown and what do they share today.

2012   The Real Story

(A book that used the canvas of the end of Mayan Calendar in 2012 to showcase the millennia old connect between India and ancient Americas)

Understanding Series

Creation - Srishti Vignana

(A book on the science of Creation from Indian thought in English and Tamil)

Understanding Shiva

(A book that explains the Shiva Tattva  in English, Hindi and Kannada)

All these books have received Benedictory notes from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar of The Art of Living and Forewords from experts in the fields relevant to each book.