Kumari Kandam

There have been legends of lost continents in different parts of the world.
Atlantis is probably the most popular of them, since it comes to the mouth of Socrates and Plato. If we go back as to how they got the information, it does not add any credence to the story.
Similarly, there is some literature on Lemuria which is more zoological in nature and Gondwana land which is botanical in origin.

In our India, we have a good bit of literature in the ancient Tamil texts of our lost continent by the name of “Kumari Kandam”. It is not only mentioned as a first hand eyewitness support in the popular

  • Tamil treatises
  • Silapathikaram and
  • Manimegalai

But it is also mentioned in good graphic detail in the other ancient Tamil texts namely:

  • Tholkappiyam
  • Purananuru
  • Kalithokai
  • Kurunthokai
  • Kamba Ramayanam
  • Iraiyanar Akapporul


These texts speak of a Pandya King Nilan Tharu Thiruvil Pandyan 2 who led his people north when the Kumari Kandam continent was submersed by the sea.

These Tamil literatures speak of three noble flourishing periods of Tamil culture. Each of these three phases of high Tamil culture is called Sangam age.
The first Sangam age was entered around Then Madurai and the second Sangam age was in the capital city of Kapadapuram. It is only the third and final Sangam age was compiled at Madurai, the present day city in South Tamil Nadu.