About Bharath Gyan

Bharath Gyan, a not for profit, research organization, has been collating specific, scientific knowledge of India, using ancient knowledge sources and modern scientific tools and methods, from a present day perspective and relevance.

The knowledge of the Indian civilization is available scattered in various forms – books, manuscripts, oral tradition amongst scholars, various art forms, customs and traditions of the land.

The current generation is facing a barrier in reaching out to this knowledge due to the limited access to such sources. The ancient languages, the style of expression used and their approach to the subjects which differ from the present way of expression, pose a challenge too.

In Bharath Gyan, as part of our quest for the specific scientific knowledge and practices of the civilization, we have come across many stories, ideas, views, theories, factual events and statements.

With the help of traditional scholars with a modern bent of mind and modern scientists open to traditional knowledge systems, we have endeavoured to carefully sift through all this data, with an inquisitive, rational, logical and scientific mind to understand the knowledge from a fresh interdisciplinary perspective. The outcome of this analysis is the compilation of Bharath Gyan.

The knowledge of India embedded in books, manuscripts, oral tradition amongst scholars, folk lore, art forms, customs, archaeological artefacts etc. have all been brought together in their compilation.

The facts and data collated over the years, since 2000, corroborate each other beautifully, as pieces of a jigsaw and thus keep self-validating this growing compilation, spanning over 108 subjects.

Bharath Gyan is in the process of bringing this knowledge out through far reaching and engaging mediums so that it can be easily understood and enjoyed by all across the world.

The objective is to bring out this knowledge and wisdom, with relevance to current day topics of interest, trials and tribulations faced by Indians as well as the world.

Besides filling the readers with wonder at the not-so-commonly known scientific facets of our ancient civilization, it is hoped that this knowledge and approach of the ancients will kindle or aid future research for the benefit of science and mankind.

The objective is to build Confidence in the Indian minds wrt their Civilization so that they can Dare to do what it takes to make India a leading civilization once again, not just for the sake of India, but for the sake of humanity and Nature, going by the past success record of the Indian civilization and the obvious but not realized world history of science, industries and commerce.

Bharath Gyan is an endeavour to bridge old and new worlds by repurposing knowledge from the past, for the present and future, to experience, appreciate and apply.

Can we make the past converge with the present for the future?

Ours is perhaps not the first effort in this direction, neither should it be the last …

As one of the initiatives, under the guidance of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Bharath Gyan – Art of Living is an association instituted for disseminating this knowledge worldwide.