Brand Bharat-Vol-4-Leads From India

Both, the products made and the ideas shared, besides creating a brand for India, aided the very spread of Indian thought and thought process across the world. This is something that India can be rightfully proud of.

For, it is thought process that shapes the evolution of thought, sciences, practices and lifestyle, which in turn, have a bearing on the pace of evolution of mankind.

If there are a few civilizations or nations that can proudly say that it has offered something to the evolution of the thought process of humanity, then the Indian civilization does earn a pride of place, perhaps right on top.

But how did this happen?

Who carried these thoughts?

Who were these great Indians, who had provided this thought leadership?

This book “Leads From India”, part by part, section by section, probes into what the brand “India”, really meant for the foreigners.

Led to India, traces what led people to India in the pre Christian era, much before even the colonial conquests.

Led by India, delves into what it was that had that kept India fresh in the memories of the west even when it went through a period of Dark Ages between 500 CE to 1300 CE, to come searching for India, soon after?

It seeks out that subtle matter from India, which had inspired and led the intellectual development of the world during renaissance.

Who Led India?, eventually reveals the secret behind who were those who led India to such a state that she could lead others. It also sets the stage for what to expect from India in future.

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 19th September 2017