"Perhaps controversial to start with but futuristic in approach"

In this subject capsule, we question the scientific nature of the Gregorian calendar that we are following now.

Similar to this, there are a variety of calendars being used in different parts of the world.

Almost all these calendars have their origins to a particular earthly event or the birth of a Divine or Noble person.

With the current civilization and the world going scientific, can we depend on a medieval calendar in the future?

We are on the verge of entering the space age.

Can any of these present calendars be used in the coming space age as a space age calendar?

In this subject capsule, we offer the Indian Sankalpa calendar, as a credible alternative for this world as it enters the scientific age and in space age usage.

This brings us back to the reality that while calendar is a man made time marker a calendar at the cosmic level should not be dependent on one person's appearance on this earth. It should be a cosmic calendar in consonance with cosmology.