Eat Play Live - Balancing Sukham And Sowkhyam

Contemplative Course

Course Description and Learning Objectives

The Indian civilization is renowned for its knowledge seekers and the knowledgebase they have left behind.

It is also renowned for being studious and industrious to have generated prosperity from over millennia ago and to be surging back to prosperity once again after recent centuries of mindless plunder.

India is also renowned for the countless number of divinities, various religions and diverse rituals and forms of worship.

Does this mean that this civilization has been one that has always lived to Work and Pray?

India has also stood out for its rich variety in cuisine across times.

So, did this Civilization ever indulge in Eating and Playing? And other comforts? 

Were they able to manage to strike a balance between work and play, food and health, comfort and wellbeing? 

In short – could they balance Sukham and Sowkhyam?

In this course we will see how the Indian Knowledgebase is comprehensive with detailed guidelines on how a Civilization has to handle the various aspects of physical existence in order to achieve a balanced life and society.

We will see how a balance between Food, Exercise and Fun has been held as fundamental by this civilization to lead to a comfortable life with wellbeing, i.e. Sukham and Sowkhyam.

We will also see how this idea, knowledge and wisdom had been infused into the society, whose traces can still be seen in what we do today. 

This should give us a better handle on why we do some of what we do?  

It will help us regain our balance once again.

Course Content and Design

The course will be delivered across 4 Units.

  1. Unit 1 – Signs and Science of Balancing
  2. Unit 2 – Eating Right with Pakashastra
  3. Unit 3 – Playing Left and Right – The Various Kreeda
  4. Unit 4 – Finding the centre between Sukham and Sowkhyam

Unit 1 – Signs and Science of Balancing

This unit will open the eyes of the participants to how balance has been depicted in Indian thought, in

  • various forms,
  • various mediums,
  • various messages and through
  • various approaches.

This unit will drive home the message of the importance of balance needed in all spheres of life and the various ways in which it has been stressed.

It will also lead each one to contemplate on all the areas that each one needs to strike a balance in.

Unit 2 – Eating Right With Pakashastra

This unit will showcase the Indian culinary skills and its documentation as a Shastra, science.

It will lead the participant through

  • the Indian knowledgebase on Spices
  • the stress laid on these Spices
  • the trade of these Spices
  • the value of these Spices
  • the local and seasonal vegetables and fruits of India.

The objective is to bring back pride, interest and value in cooking and eating right once again.

It is to dare the participants to indulge in freshly cooked, Indian foods with local spices once again.  

Unit 3 – Playing Left and Right – The Various Kreeda

Contrary to the popular misconception that India has been home only to studies and knowledge, this Unit will open the minds of the participants to the fact that India has also been the source for many of the games played across the world today – both Indoors and Outdoors.

  • What are they?
  • What did they encourage?
  • How did they travel world over?
  • What did they morph into?

The objective is to bring back pride, interest and value in playing these games once again.

It is to dare the participants to indulge in active sports, Kreeda once again.  

Unit 4 – Finding the centre between Sukham and Sowkhyam

In this Unit, participants will be exposed to some of the common acts of Indians, seen as either rituals, superstition or indulgences, but how these have, over the times, provided the needed anchor for both physical and mental wellbeing.

It will showcase how the Indian Civilization, across millennia, has been a champion for prosperity and abundance alongside educating people on how to handle these responsibly and sustainably to prevent decay of morals and decadence in society.

The objective is to bring back confidence in Indian resources and values once again.

It is to dare the participants to indulge in generating prosperity once again but contained with a sense of responsibility.  

Reading and Viewing Material For The Course

These will be hosted on an Online Course Platform provided by Bharath Gyan and participants will be granted access to the same for the course period.

Course Plan

The minimum number of sessions are 6. For foreign participants and those, not very familiar with Indian terminologies and contexts, the course could be covered over a longer duration of 8 to 10 sessions.

Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.