Hindu Contributions To The World In The Realm Of Matter - Big 5

Can be taken as a standalone course or as a University Credits Course in Certificate Program In Hindu Civilizational Studies.

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Dr. D.K.Hari and Dr. D.K.Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan will be once again conducting one of their courses in their popular Certificate Program in Hindu Civilizational Studies under the aegis of the Hindu University of America (HUA).

Hindu Contributions To The World In The Realm Of Matter - Big 5

This course is open to all, across the globe.

It is meant for both teenagers, parents and grandparents, together or separately and will focus on exploring the spirit of Hinduism with an intent to stimulate meaningful conversation about Hinduism between teenagers and their parents.

This series of courses is designed to take discussion and contemplation from beyond the course window, into the portals of home, family and society.

Hindu Contributions To The World can be listed from two mutually independent, but naturally supplementing perspectives.

One way is to list them from the perspective of Matter, which explores the contributions of the Hindus to the world so as to have shaped the material progress of humanity.

The other perspective, Hindu Contributions To The World In The Realm Of Mind, explores the contributions which have influenced Human thought, sciences, and spirituality through time.

Both these perspectives and courses modelled after them, investigate the question – “Are Hindu ideas obsolete? Or do they have contemporary relevance?”


These courses are open to all, from teens to grandparents, from students to professionals to academicians to homemakers to cultural enthusiasts as well as retirees.

Hindu Contributions To The World - In The Realm Of Matter has been designed to be delivered in 2 parts.

Part A – The BIG 5

To gain an understanding of the 5 major contributions that were made by the Hindus to the world. How they impacted the world and the Hindu Civilization? What happened to them and what can we learn from them for today’s context?

Part B – The Game Changer

To gain an understanding of what was the advantage that the Hindus had cultivated, due to which they had been able to rule the tastes, possessions and obsessions of the world. How was this advantage snatched away and how does an understanding of the same bear relevance today?
What were the Game Changers for India?
What made India the Game Changer for the World?

Over these 2 parts of 10 sessions each, where each part spans a quarter, these courses will cover a variety of areas of innovation, inventions, development and trade, and sustained contributions that characterized the Hindu civilization for millennia.

Each part is independent of the other and can be taken in any sequence.

Invite you to join these courses to relish and imbibe the Hindu mindset of industry, trade and prosperity - what is called Shubh Labh.

This course is part of a Certificate Program of the University and 12 credits will be awarded on successful completion of the program. Click here to know more about the Credits and the 8 quarters / 2 year Certificate Program in Hindu Civilizational Studies of which this course is a part.

It can also be taken as a standalone course, in which case, participants will get a Course Completion document with course grade at the end of this course.

Being a credit course, this course can be taken by students to satisfy their academic goals.

For those in active professions, this course will open their minds to a larger perspective of gender balance, organization, social frameworks and cooperation.


This course, titled “Hindu Contributions To The World – In the Realm Of Matter – Big 5”, comes in the Exploring Hinduism series and will prepare the participants to examine

What were the Big 5 that made their way from India to the rest of the world?

These areas will include Metals, Textiles, Dyes, Spices, Diamonds, Navigation, Fireworks, Perfumes, and how these innovations impacted the world.

In this course, students will

  1. Learn of the prosperous nature of the Hindu Civilization which lasted for millennia, till about few hundred years ago
  2. Discover the advanced state of technology and industry practiced by the Hindus
  3. Realize the Hindu ethos and perspective of practicing industry and trade in a sustainable manner
  4. Examine the forces that can upset and destroy such millennia long cultivated prosperity in a short time
  5. Gain insight into the secret of prosperity and balance that the Hindus possessed which enabled their civilizational advancement and affluence
  6. Develop the confidence to think laterally with regard to the challenges and problems facing humanity and propose paradigm-shifting approaches from a successful past towards the future.

During these courses, students will acquire newfound confidence from the dawning of a recognition that the Hindu Civilization has been quite different from what our received knowledge has led us to believe and renew their trust in the Hindu worldview and way of life, that has been so sustainable and successful for so long.


The Course has been designed as 10 online sessions of 100 minutes each that go to build up the picture successively.

Course will be covered with 1 online session per week.

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You can register for this course in either standalone mode or as part of the Credit based Certificate Program in Hindu Civilization Studies.

Those who are already into the Certificate program will also have to register to indicate their choice to do this course in this quarter.

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