Exploring Hinduism - Society And Culture

Can be taken as a standalone course or as a University Credits Course part of Certificate Program in Hindu Civilization Studies.Click to read more.

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Dr. D.K.Hari and Dr. D.K.Hema Hari of Bharath Gyan will be once again conducting one of their courses in their popular course - Exploring Hinduism series under the aegis of the Hindu University of America (HUA).

This course is open to all, across the globe.

It is meant for both teenagers, parents and grand parents, together or separately and will focus on exploring the spirit of Hinduism with an intent to stimulate meaningful conversation about Hinduism between teenagers and their parents.

This series of courses is designed to take discussion and contemplation from beyond the course window, into the portals of home, family and society.

Coming in this series of courses, this course, titled “Exploring Hinduism – Society and Culture of Hindu Civilization”, will take the explorer to the core of this civilization to fathom the weave that makes up the fabric of the Hindu Civilization.

It will showcase how the various dimensions of a Hindu life are interlaced together, to form the intricately woven fabric called the Hindu Samaj.

This course will also throw light on how, despite these various dimensions, this civilization has had a common culture, the Bharatiya Kalachar.

It will help understand why the Hindus are considered to be the most adaptable, accomodating and assimilating people in the world and how the Hindu Civilization has been a hallmark for Unity and Diversity?

This course will also throw light on factors that have caused a substantial breakdown of this Hindu Society and its flourish.

It will clear the wrong understanding of the Hindu Society and break the myths that have wrongly dubbed the it as a patriarchal, male dominated, oppressive, rigid, stratified, regressive society.

This course is open to all - with or without Indian or Hindu roots, wherever they may be in the world.

This course is part of a Certificate Program of the University and 12 credits will be awarded on successful completion of the program. Click here to know more about the Credits and the 8 quarters / 2 year Certificate Program in Hindu Civilizational Studies of which this course is a part.

It can also be taken as a standalone course, in which case, participants will get a Course Completion document with course grade at the end of this course.

Being a credit course, this course can be taken by students to satisfy their academic goals.

For those in active professions, this course will open their minds to a larger perspective of gender balance, organization, social frameworks and cooperation.

In this course, students will

  1. Discover the framework that governed a Hindu Society
  2. Learn about how this framework has been a key to their continued prosperity for millennia?
  3. Learn of the practice of gender balance in the Hindu Society
  4. Become aware of the myths that have painted a wrong narrative of the Hindu Society
  5. Learn of the truth behind these myths
  6. Understand how this vastly diverse civilization has had a single culture?
  7. Realize how and why the Hindu society was a Samaj and a Kalachar?


The Course has been designed as 10 online sessions of 100 minutes each that go to build up the picture successively.

Course will be covered with 1 online session per week.

Watch Recording of a Webinar on the Certificate Program

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You can register for this course in either standalone mode or as part of the Credit based Certificate Program in Hindu Civilization Studies.

Those who are already into the Certificate program will also have to register to indicate their choice to do this course in this quarter.

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    • Australia - New Zealand - AsiaPacific regions.

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