Bharat Brand Ambassador

Certificate Course

Module 1 - Made in India

This module comprises of 16 Units which will have to be completed by reading suggested pages of the book - Brand Bharat - Vol1 - Made in India and other suggested articles and Mini Books from Bharath Gyan. Relevant films for viewing will also be provided. Additional topics of interest will also be suggested for reading.
These units will be covered in 8 lectures which will be hosted online for participants to watch at their own pace.
Participants will be evaluated at the end of the module through online test and presentations and a certificate will be suitably awarded.
Units in Module 1
Unit # Topic
1 Brand Name Bharat
2 Brand Value
3 Search for India
4 Sea Trade from India
5 Iron and Steel
6 Zinc, Copper and Tin
7 Cotton & textiles
8 Indigo Dye
9 Red and other Dyes
10 Curry, Cheroot and Agar
11 Rich in Diamonds
12 Bitter Lesson of Sugar
13 Spicy Bits
14 Trade of Ships
15 Significant role of Shipping in Shaping World History
16 Way Forward