Historical Krishna

Certificate Course

Historical Krishna

This course will familiarize the participant with the roots of Indian and Hindu history.

It will start with first clearing the air about Krishna’s Historicity and debunking the idea of Krishna being mythological.

How can we ascertain Krishna’s historicity as well as the time window when He was born?

How far back in time does this historical period go?

How does this history map to the geography of India, then and now?

What can we learn about Krishna’s character and of some others in His life, from the historical evidences we see on ground?

The course will conclude with exploring how Krishna is Historical cum Divine and how He is relevant to us today.

Course Duration

Customizeable from 8 lectures to 32 lectures.

Course Syllabus

  1. Course of Indian history
  2. What makes Mahabharata a History?
  3. Journey of Mahabharata.
  4. Lineage of Krishna
  5. Historicity of Krishna from Literature
  6. Period of Mahabharata.
  7. Dating Mahabharata through Buddha
  8. Archaeo-astronomical dating of Mahabharata
  9. Global application of Archaeo-astronomy
  10. Geography connected with Krishna and Mahabharata
  11. Saraswathi & Yamuna
  12. Archaeology - Sites of Mahabharata
  13. Archaeological Evidences for Krishna – Foreign & Indian
  14. Marine Archaeology at Dwaraka
  15. History of Dwaraka
  16. Evidence for a Trade city
  17. Artifacts from Dwaraka
  18. Krishna and Connect with Indus Valley
  19. Rationale in Krishna's character
  20. Logic in Krishna's Acts
  21. Fact vs Fiction
  22. Krishna's clan - The Yadava
  23. Vyasa of Veda - Historicity of Veda
  24. Post Mahabharata period
  25. Indian perspective of historical, divine and puranic

Course Reference

Historical Krishna books, articles, films and multi-media lectures from Bharath Gyan.

Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.