Historical Rama

Certificate Course

Historical Rama

This course will familiarize the participant with the roots of Indian and Hindu history.

It will start with first clearing the air about Rama’s Historicity and debunking the idea of Rama being mythological.

How can we go about ascertaining Rama’s historicity as well as the time window when He was born?

How far back in time does this historical period go?

This course will delve into the archaeological aspects connected with Rama, both on ground such as Ayodhya and under the sea, such as the Rama Setu.

The events and historicity of Ramayana and Ravana will be explored from the perspective of Lanka too.

Ideas such as Vimana, Vanara will also be dealt with in this course.

Participant will also get exposed to the idea and components of Rama Rajya.

In this course, the participant will see the lineage of Rama both before and after Him, upto present times. Influence of Rama’s lineage and thought across the world will be explored.

The course will conclude with exploring how Rama is Historical cum Divine and what we can learn from the life and historicity of Rama.

Course Duration

Custom tailorable from 8 lectures to 32 lectures.

Course Syllabus

  1. What is Purana? What is Itihasa?
  2. How Ramayana got classified as Mythology
  3. Why Ramayana was written?
  4. Valmiki Ramayana - Itihasa Vs Other Ramayana
  5. Historicity of Ramayana from Literature
  6. Botanical Evidence for Ramayana
  7. Geography of Events of Ramayana in India and Lanka
  8. Traditional Archaeology
  9. Archaeo-astronomy for Dating of events of Ramayana
  10. Marine Archaeology for Bridge Engineering
  11. The 3 attempts to build the Rama Setu bridge
  12. Corraboration for Nala Setu
  13. Corroborations for date from other disciplines
  14. Lineage of Rama - Pre and Post Rama
  15. Ravana
  16. Vimana
  17. Hanuman & Vanara
  18. The Contrasts in Ramayana
  19. Surpanaka, Trijataka
  20. Panchakanya & Queens of Dasaratha
  21. Ramarajya
  22. Ayodhya - Oldest and Peaceful city
  23. Perspective of Indian History

Course Reference

Historical Rama, Ramayana In Lanka and Ayodhya – War and Peace books, articles, films and multi-media lectures from Bharath Gyan.

Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.