Indian Myth Buster

Certificate Course

Indian Myth Busters

This is a course designed to clear the myths that have been thrust upon India based on what others saw, thought, wrote and made of India.

The objective of this course is to unshackle the mind and clear the cobwebs that have been clouding one’s perception about India with regards to

  1. Identity
    • Timeline
    • Boundaries
    • History
    • Independence
    • Race
  1. Society
    • Religion
    • Caste
    • Education
    • Women
  1. Prosperity
    • Resources
    • Economy
    • Industry
    • Sustainability
  1. Ability
    • Sciences
    • Technologies
    • Knowledgebase
    • Skills
    • Strengths


This course is for all those who would like to take the initiative to break the myths that India has been and continues to be under, since the colonial rule. For, trying to work with such myths clouding one’s thoughts is like driving a car with handbrakes on. It is only when these myths are cleared from one’s head, will one be able to race forward in full throttle, leveraging the innate strengths of oneself and India.


Successful completion of the Bharat Brand Ambassador course to first become aware of the distinct strengths of the civilization before analyzing the myths that surround them.

Course Duration

This course will be delivered in 4 parts to focus on the 4 perspectives as listed above. These 4 focus areas have been dealt with, in the form of Breaking The Myths book series of the Autobiography of India collection from Bharath Gyan. Each of these 4 parts can be customized from 5 sessions to 10 sessions.

Course Reference

Bharath Gyan books, articles, films and multi-media lectures.


Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.