Shanti - Indian Perspective Of Peace

Contemplative Course

Peace and maintenance of Peace have many underlying factors at play.

Peace has myriad ways, expressions and symbols.

This course is designed to equip influencers, especially those who work in the areas of Peace and Conflict Resolution to gain an insight into the underlying ethos of Peace from an Indian Perspective.

It will help participants gain an understanding of India’s millennial old and successful ways of being in Peace – with oneself and with others.

Such an understanding would help those striving to end strife, create a solution for lasting Peace.

This course will empower the Peace Messengers across the world with tools to work for Peace.

It will fortify them with confidence during conflict resolution and negotiations.

It will help to highlight and bring Peace to the centre-stage as the object of focus and as a tangible system of study and practice.

Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.