Water Warriors

Certificate Course

Water Warriors

This course will equip those who want to become Water Warriors of India with the knowledge based sustainable practices of this great civilization which were centred around water.

Starting with India's advantage with respect to rains and water, we will see how our ancestors had understood the innate strengths and weaknesses of India's water resources and managed it efficiently and sustainably to sustain India's prosperity for over 2 Millennia. We will see when, where and how the tide turned and we are in the state we are today.
We will see as to what we have to do to reverse this trend to become water surplus and prosperous once again.
For, water has indeed been the secret of India's prosperity. 

Course Syllabus

  1. Name of this land as Bharat Varsha
  2. Why and how rains come to this land
  3. Quantum of rainfall
  4. How many months to how many hours of rain
  5. Local water harnessing practices of the land
  6. Why they are needed?
  7. Water grids of yore
  8. Big vs Small
  9. Interlinking of rivers and water bodies
  10. Internal Navigation
  11. Maintenance of local water bodies
  12. Women and Water
  13. Virtual Water
  14. Water the harbinger of prosperity
  15. When and Where did India drop its water?
  16. How to be water prosperous again?

Course Duration

Customizable from 5 sessions to 20 sessions.

Course Reference

Bharath Gyan books, articles, films and multi-media lectures

Contact here if you are interested in conducting this course for your group / organization.