Geology-Bhu gharbha Sastra

The knowledge of what is inside the bowels of this earth.

Kubera is considered as the custodian of wealth, and is said to be seated in the northern direction. Himalayas, which is in the north of India, abounds in rich mineral wealth is the abode of Kubera.

This capsule tries to understand the mineral wealth of India namely, iron ore, coal, petroleum, copper, zinc which have all been traditionally mined in India and now be also have rich deposits of titanium, uranium and other minerals of modern need.

This mineral wealth of India is discussed with visual details.
The shift of the tectonic plates as known to our Rishi, which knowledge has been given down to us in our Purana in the form of stories, legend and in the concept of Visarga or Prathisarga which is the process of recreation. This process of recreation has been discussed in detail each of our Purana.

The classic example being, the disappearance of Saraswathi River and the civilization which flourished on its banks, due to a tectonic shift.
The other example is the legend of submergence of Kumari Kandam, the consequent mass migration northwards towards the present peninsular India and Rishi Agasthya's effort in saving the landmass.