Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam

Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam - Let us make this world a noble place to live in.

Indians from time immemorial have traveled to different parts of the world and have given their culture to various civilizations across this globe.

A few scholars over the last 200 years have tried to understand and appreciate the influences of India in the different ancient civilizations like in South East Asia, China, Japan, Korea, in the Central American civilizations of Mayan, Inca and the Aztecs, and also in the Egyptian, Persian, Sumerian, Greek, Roman and the Central European civilization.

Among the South East Asian civilizations well entrenched spread of Indian culture is visible in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra and the Tahiti Islands of Polynesia.
In this subject capsule, we look at the specific details of the influences of Indian culture in each of these individual civilizations. A few historians have done extensive and original research in the archaeological sites of these civilizations, which are looked at in detail in our capsule.
From the above study, one aspect that comes out very clearly is, in pre-historic times the world culture had many similarities than that we can perceive in our present times.

In this capsule, we also look at how in the medieval period the native cultures of the respective lands, which had a strong underlying Indian influence, were all destroyed in different parts of the world when both the Arabic and the European expansion was taking place. This is but a part of evolution and re-generation.
Detailed, specific, authentic information from different angles like literature, archaeology, navigation and other sources coupled with the views of experts in their respective field have been dealt in detail in this capsule.
This information would give the present generation of Indians a sense of confidence when they go out into the world to meet the people from different nationalities. A resurgent India can once again offer its culture to the world as it has done in the past 1000s of years.
The ancient Indians went all over the world spreading their culture. Let us take a leaf out of our ancients and once again go out confidently into the world sharing our views and culture to the different peoples of the world and thereby enrich their lifestyles.