Since India is undisputedly one of the oldest civilizations of the world and the Vedic texts are considered as the oldest surviving literature of the world, the language they were composed in namely Samskrt happens to be one of the oldest languages of not only India but also of the world as well. Language is a tool/ means of communication.
Samskrt is not just an old archaic language but it is also an exquisitely refined language. That is why, the very word Samskrt means “Well done”.
The other equally ancient languages of India, among others are Prakrit and Tamil.
Prakrit, as the word itself suggests is old and from Nature i.e. Prakriti.

Origin of the language:
The grammarians of, Samskrit and Tamil, Panini and Tholkappiar respectively attribute the origin of their language to Indra and there from to Shiva. What do these two terms Indra and Shiva mean here?
Spread Worldwide:
The Samskrt language apart from being the oldest language, also being a well refined language has spread all over the world along with the travels of people and has inturn influenced the various languages of the world. The etymology of the various world languages stands testimony to this.

Decline of Samskrt language:
The Samskrt language has had a continuous glorious tradition in India for well over 7000 years. Lord Thomas MaCauley in 1835 framed the education policy of India in which he planned a demise of the most perfect language of the world. Since then, because of consistent governmental effort the language has been decimated.
Future of Samskrt language:
The sheer versatility and the strength of the language have ensured that it still survives among the purists and traditional scholars of the land.

If it is a language of the past, does Samskrt language have any use in the future?
a) Computer language:
It is this technical perfection of the language which beholds well for this language in the future to make this language, as best suited for use, in the coming computerized digital era of this world.
It is not only a language that could probably be best suited for digital communication in the future but it is a language which has many uses like:
1. Thinking tool:
The Samskrt being a refined one, it could be a language used to enhance our thought process and can be devised and used as a good thinking tool.
It shapes the way we perceive and is a mental skill set that can affect our thinking and evolve our way of life.
2.  Speech Therapy:
The Samskrt language has one more modern application in the field of speech therapy.
As we go along in the future the most refined language in the world will find its own range of further applications.