Om- Its meaning and significance

OM is a symbol, syllable that now has come to denote, Hindu religion.

A popular poster of OM states “OM has over a 100 meanings and one of them is – Welcome to Gods”.

In this capsule we look at the meaning and scientific significance of OM and how it has journeyed through the World over the millennia.

In the Indian thought, OM has been expressed as the primordial sound. It is echo of the sound reverberating in the universe, which originally occurred when this universe began.

In its journey through the world, this same OM has been adopted by the local civilizations variously as

  • Amun in the Egypitian civilization,
  • Amen in the Roman civilization,
  • Ameen in the Arabic civilization

The original of this expression, it’s meaning and its significant is the same world over.

A couple of decades back, 2 modern Physicists have been awarded the Noble prize for identifying this echo of the Big Bang.

Our ancient Indian Rishi - Seer – Scientists had with their intuitive knowledge then, identified this primordial sound “OM” understood its meaning, its significance, its origin and its ever lasting all pervading nature.

We need to appreciate the Indian thinkers for their deep insight into the origin of OM.

With this understanding, we can realize that OM is not just a symbol of one particular religious faith, but has its scientific ramifications not just on this earth but also all through the universe.