Rama Rajya and its Components- Kaschit Sarga

In the Indian context 'Rama Rajya' is considered as the epitome of ideal rule.
Mahatma Gandhi in his days extolled the virtues of 'Rama Rajya' as the form of ideal rule in the governance and development of India. Many thinkers and speakers from then on and even to this day speak of Rama Rajya as the ideal rule.
If it is a form of good rule, then what are the components of it? Can it be applied to modern day governance, business management and administration?
This lead us to the search of the factors and components that make good governance of Rama Rajya. While Mahatma Gandhi or none of the other speakers list out the detailed points of Rama Rajya, my search led me to the original text of Ramayana, where I found the answers, to my search, in the words of Rama himself.
Rama, after he left in exile for the forest , Bharatha his younger brother who was asked to rule the kingdom instead, came in search of his elder brother Rama, to the forests, to request Rama to come back to Ayodhya and rule the country. Rama firmly refused the offer of returning to Ayodhya but advised Bharatha, on how to rule the country by asking him 56 questions.

These 56 questions form the part called Kaschit Sarga, in Ayodhya Kanda of the Ramayana epic.