Man has fought wars from prehistoric times for territory, wealth, pleasure and fame.

The greatest war to haven been fought on the Indian soil is the Kurukshetra war in Mahabharatha were 47 lakh persons died in 18 days. In this war the most famous battle formation is the Chakravyuh. This and the other vuyh battle formations used during the war are discussed visually. Was the Kurukshetra war an atomic war? The astra - weapons - missiles are looked at from their purported meaning drawing parallel with understanding of present day missile technology.

A look at the features of the missiles used by Rama in his war.

The Baghzkoy inscriptions of Turkey mentioning about the treaty where Indian Gods as witness is discussed.

The 3 concepts of War, Dharma Yudha, Kuta Yudha and Tusnim Yudha with the traditional stories and modern examples are looked at.

Alexander's conquest of India is seen in new light.

British conquest of India, and how the British were able to pierce the chinks in our armour.

Some interesting technological advancements in the Indian Army today.

The future wars are going to be fought not just with bullets, but through trade blocks.