Brand Bharat-Vol-5-Future From India

India had been giving even till early 1900s.

But India has stopped giving in the last few decades, since Independence.

For, in the opinion of her own children,

“India has nothing much to give”.
“Either it has been taken away by the plunderers.”
“Or it has vanished due to disuse by Indians themselves.”
“Further, India is so backward in thought, that it is not relevant in today’s world or future.” To top it all, neither do Indians know what India has to offer.

Nor does the world know what to ask for. Furthermore, many Indians do not even know that they have been giving the world so much, all these years, for millennia.

The Brand called Bharat is a standing example of a people who have been natural givers, starting with the most common and simplest act of giving, which is teaching. It is the most enriching act too, as it causes growth with each giving.

This book “Future From India” Step by step, section by section, chapter by chapter, develops the understanding of what the brand “Bharat” really encompassed and what the brand “India” can really be.

Divergent Images throws light on the diverging images of India held by the world, right from its position as a Brand Leader, to the metamorphosized India in recent times, as the rest of the world has been assuming leadership.

Focus, India brings to fore the in built resilience in India, from her habit of rising like a Phoenix each time, in the face of adversity.

Awaken The Mind, is all about bringing to mind, India’s understanding and leveraging of the Mind.

Know Your Strength is a section that confronts the mind with the picture of how India is losing her strength in chasing others’ dreams, instead of staying put and building her own real fort, Durg with her strengths. What are her strengths by the way?

This section highlights the fundamentals of Indian thought which had distinguished India from others and set it up as a brand leader of the world, a position she had held for millennia.

Shift Your Stand places the form that future brand offerings from India could take, based on India’s strengths. It puts forth ideas that India can singularly ride on, to make India a sought after brand once again. It first lists the paradigm shifts that India will have to make, to achieve all this.

Lead Again India, finally places how India has the wherewithal to position herself as a brand leader for thought leadership once again, which was the essence of Brand Bharat, provided she dares.

But what does India have to dare to do, to get there?

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 19th September 2017