Teaching Engagements

Besides conducting Bharath Gyan courses, founders Dr.D.K.Hari and Dr.D.K.Hema Hari also engage with Universities and Institutions as faculty for programmes on Indian Civilization and Knowledge System, covering a wide range of subjects and different facets of the civilization. These Programmes are conducted as per the format and norms of the respective institutions.

Partial Listing of Teaching Engagements

Faculty - Sri Sri University, Odisha, India + Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (CPDHE) + UGC-HRDC, University of Delhi

  • Online Faculty Development Programme – Indian Knowledge System , Nov 2020


Course Poster


Visiting Faculty - Sri Sri University, Odisha, India

  • The Global landscape Of Contemplative Knowledge – Religions, Philosophies, Art Forms - as part of the UG program, B.Sc (Hons) in Psychology and Contemplative Studies for the Department of Contemplative and Behavioural Sciences (DCBS) – 2020-21

Visiting Faculty at Hindu University of America, USA

  • Exploring Hinduism - Semester Program : Summer Quarter-2020, Winter Quarter-2021
  • Hindu Contributions to the World – In The Realm Of Matter - Semester Program : Fall Quarter-2020

Visiting Faculty - Shasun Jain College, Chennai

  • Historicity of Ramayana – 36 session semester programme for UG Liberal Arts Programme in 2014
  • Historicity of Mahabharata – 32 Session semester programme for UG Liberal Arts Programme in 2015