Bharath Gyan books on the Indian Civilization are a result of the Civilization Study and research compilation on the Knowledge of India, by authors D.K.Hari and D.K.Hema Hari. These books are being documented and published as multiple thematic series under the umbrella collection called Autobiography of India. 

Latest Releases

Autobiography of India Collection

Brand Bharat Series

This set of volumes speaks of how India has been a global brand for millennia and what India has to do to sustain it.

Breaking The Myths Series

This set of volumes dispels the myths about the Indian Civilization that have been clouding minds ever since colonized version of Indian history and education.

Connect Over Millennia

These titles showcase individually, the Civilizational connect between India and other civilizations of the world such as Indo-Japan, Indo-Russia, Indo-Arabia, Indo-China, Indo-America, Indo-Israel etc.

Desh-Pradesh Series

These titles showcase the underlying ethos and cultural practices of the different regions of India which gave them sustained prosperity, such as Telugu Talli, Kashmira Pura Vasini, Tamizh Thai, Utkala Janani etc.

New India Series

These books speak of the transformation story of India since the turn of this 2nd Millennium.

Understanding Series

These books discuss the Indian view on Creation and the different Divinities that arise from it.

History Series

These set of books trace India’s historical timeline to times before the arrival of Alexander in 325 BCE, used as the benchmark by colonial historians.

Historical Rama Series

Historical Krishna Series


Utsav Series

These titles present the fundamental ethos behind the various festivals celebrated in India.