2012 - The Real Story (Indo-Americas Connect)

This book is a part of the Connect Over Millennia Series from Bharath Gyan.

The Connect Over Millennia Series traces the connect between India and the other civilizations of the world and present them with the ethos behind the connect than as a historical account alone.

This uses the date 21-12-2012, which marked the end of the Mayan calendar as a canvas to showcase the unmistakable connect between the Indian and the Ancient American / Mayan civilizations. These oldest civilizations of the world had a similar reckoning of Time and Calendar which extended beyond the orbit of the Earth, Sun and Moon system, into that of Jupiter and Venus too.

This book strings the bow that stretches across continents and oceans, to not just bridge these ancient civilizations but to also show the connect between their knowledge systems which were scientific and on par with modern day cosmology.