Beacon For New India - Atal Bihari Vajpayee

There have been many leaders in the past and there are many in the present too, in India.

What made Vajpayee stand out, to be revered so much by his partymen, his followers and immediate mentees?

Why has he been held in high esteem by leaders cutting across party lines and in the International community too?

This book contains answers to such questions.

One can find that this reverence was for something beyond India’s common culture of respecting elders.

It was also to do with the path for New India that he had shown and put India on to.

So, this book throws light on the Beacon for New India.

A great leader who defined what New India should be?

A leader, who bridged the time window from Independent India to New India.

A leader, who founded the largest political party of India and who was sworn in thrice as the Prime Minister of India.

A leader, who had firmly balanced traditionalism, humanism, idealism, poetry and politics with statesmanship in Governance.

A leader, who threw light on the changes to be done within India to change its image outside India.

A leader, who worked Inside Out.

A “Consensus Colossus” in consensus.

He was a prequel to New India.

And, so is this book, to Knowing New India.