Knowing New India

Knowing New India - A Transforming Story is apart of the New India series in the Autobiography of India collection.

“A Transforming Story” is the narrative of an India that is attempting a U Turn.

A U Turn from the path of Poverty Eradication to Prosperity Generation.

For, empowering people to generate their Prosperity,

Is another way of eradicating their Poverty.

It is a way of telling people “You Turn India”.

This book is the story of India’s march towards becoming a Developed Nation.

A time that will go into the annals of History as a Transforming Era of India.

It is the story of a nation transforming itself.

It is a story to transform mindset of its citizens.

It is a story to transform opinion of India in the eyes of the world as well.

It is the story of a History making initiative in India which started in 2014.

Prosperity besides History is also Made in India.