Staying Alive India

What is Life's goal?
To Stay Alive ofcourse!
The cornerstones of the Indian Civilization is called Sanatana Dharma.
Sanatana denotes that which is eternal, ancient, yet ever young, ever new, ever fresh.
Can one live eternally? If not, what can one do to ensure longevity of one's kind atleast?
Why did India call its ways, Sanatana Dharma? Did they help to ensure such a longevity?
Is that why India has been a surviving, continuously living civilization for over many millennia now?
This book is an endeavour to reveal the intricate messages from India's Sanatana Dharma to help the peoples, world over, tide over times of crises and challenges to Staying Alive.
It is a wake up call to remind India too, of her successful and age old secrets for Staying Alive, Adept and Adapted.
In other words, Sanatana!