Utsav - Deepavali

This book is a part of the Utsav Series in the Autobiography of India Collection from Bharath Gyan.

Utsav, meaning festival, comes from the root which means to uplift, elevate. Utsav uplifts spirits, thoughts and character.

Deepavali is one such Utsav, festival which has been celebrated since millennia.

It is one of the most popular festivals of Indians world over.

Today Deepavali is known as a one day festival.

In days of yore Deepavali was a month long festival.

A month long festival has shrunk to a one day festival today.

Deepavali has also shrunk to Diwali.

What is this festival?

Why the name Deepavali?

Why is it a tradition to celebrate it with fireworks?

More light on this Sound festival of Lights.

This work traces the history, significance and trend of this festival as we celebrate it.