Creation - Srishti Vignana

It is the most complex question of all! The question has been lingering from the very moment of creation.

How did this Creation come to be? How was the Universe created? Many civilizations have searched for answers to these questions. Our search for these answers from the Veda, the traditional Indian source of Knowledge and from the portals of modern science leads us to an amazing convergence in thoughts.

While modern research is still grappling with what happened soon after Big Bang, the starting point for Creation, we find the ancient Indian texts describing stages Before Creation, which lead to a Big Bang called Brahmanda Visfotak.

In this work, we journey to the very depths of the knowledge of Creation from our ancients, to see how Creation comes to be.

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore,  July 2010


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