Breaking The Myths-Vol 2-About Society

A child takes 3 steps to grow. Towards

1. Mother for comfort,
2. Father for livelihood and
3. Teacher for knowledge.

The same 3 steps brought down India’s social fabric.

They were steps taken to malign

1. Women,
2. Social order and
3. Education.

Take the first step to learn of the truth.

This volume breaks the wall of myths which stands between us and Society. It is focussed on exploring as to why the Indian society is the way it is today, what was the original design principle of the Indian society, if at all there was one, what are the myths about the society, how did they come about and what are the facts.

Can we understand ourselves and our brethren better?

The objective behind breaking these myths is to be able to piece India back together and see the entire picture of India, whole and “soul”, through uncoloured glasses.

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 19th September 2017