Historical Rama - Film DVD

The film starts by scrolling through the illustrious Suryavamsa lineage in which Rama was born.

It shows rare paintings of different scholars who speak of the historicity of Rama.

Then through the field of archaeo-astronomy and planetarium software it recreates the skies as it would have appeared for each important event in the flow of Ramayana story, thus placing beyond doubt the historicity of Rama and the characters and events of Ramayana.

The film unravels the details of the bridge Rama Sethu, the only surviving archaeological remains from the times of Rama. Its construction is shown in vivid animation with all supplementary textual evidences.

This is a film that conclusively brings to our knowledge, the historicity of Rama and the engineering marvel Rama Sethu, the oldest man-made structure of the world available today.

Fim DVD Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 14th November 2007

Cover of Historical Rama Film DVD released in 2007