Breaking The Myths-Vol1-About Identity

A mirror only shows what “It” sees. A mirror flips the real. A crooked mirror even distorts.

A mirror in the path also blocks the view ahead. Myths too are like that.

India’s image today is an aberration created by the myths thrust upon her in the last few centuries based on what others saw, thought, wrote and made of India.

Would you not like to know about the real India, the real you?

For that, these myths have to first be broken down. This series breaks the myths in 4 steps through 4 volumes.

1. About Identity
2. About Society
3. About Prosperity
4. About Ability

Breaking the Myths is a multi-volume book in the Autobiography of India Series, from Bharath Gyan.

These volumes unshackle Indian minds from the many half-truths and lies that have borne down upon India’s confidence, restraining her free thought and progress.

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 19th September 2017