Brand Bharat-Vol-1-Made In India

Any land is known to its near neighbours and to the lands further away, by the products that are made and exported by it.

Along with these products, through the tales of traders, other aspects of the land such as its practices, views, thoughts, philosophies are also made known.

But for all this, the basic point is trade and the traders who trade in them.

For this trade to happen, that land must have products which are coveted by other lands.

For this demand, the products should be of high quality, should be unique and maintain a regular supply to meet market needs.

For this, the land should be a sustainable production unit, across generations.

This in turn means that the civilization should be knowledgeable, skilled and farsighted enough to follow sustainable practices of industries.

India was all this and more.

What were the products that were made in India?

The one thing that readily comes to mind is spice. But we will find that it was only one among the many.

What were these many? What influence did they have on the other lands?

How did they generate the copious wealth for India, the land that produced them?

How did they make India a brand leader for exotic goods? This volume, “Made in India”, provides detailed answers to these questions.

Released by  Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji in Bangalore, 19th September 2017