Understanding Shiva - Film DVD

Shiva has many forms,
many facets and many names.

Who is Shiva?
What is Shiva Tattva?

Tattva means a principle.
Is Shiva a person or a Tattva?

The festival of Shivarathri
is a traditionally designed
occasion to understand
Shiva in all His forms.

This film, Understanding Shiva,
is an effort at unravelling
the layers of meaning
of Shiva from a scientific,
universal perspective.
Let us try to understand Shiva.

"Where our understanding of Shiva ends,
your understanding of Shiva begins".


"Our heartfelt thanks to the two of you for your brilliant work on "Understanding of Shiva". The video brings about very beautifully the science and significance of every name of Shiva. The two of you took us to a meditative state by making us understand the Shiva Principal.

This video also makes one wonder in amazement about the advance intellectual and spiritual knowledge of our Rishis (ancient scientist). This is a must watch video for this generation to understand how advanced our culture is. Our children also enjoyed this video and are awe struck to know about the true meaning of Shiva.

Hats off the two of you and our thanks to everybody associated in creating this master piece."

Shoba and Sanjay Sridaran, Chennai